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COS-HMS: Healthcare Management System  v.1.3

COMSATS Open Source Healthcare Management System (COS-HMS) is designed and developed on scalable architecture and technologies like JEE, MySQL, JBoss AS on Linux platform. It adheres compliance of international standards like ICD-10, DICOM &

A-LMS Learning Management System  v.2.3.009

Open Source Learning Management System implemented in Java. Implemented by Rubecula Software, LLC. An integral part of Automatic e-Learning by TRA. Conforms to SCORM 1.2. Built on open-source platforms: ADL SCORM RTE, Hsqldb, Tomcat, Commons,

Document Management System for Law Firms  v.1.0

Docs4Lawyers is an open source document management solution created specifically for law firms, based on ECM software from Alfresco. Downloadable in vmware format with documentation and community

Epiware Document Management  v.4.8.6

Epiware is an open source document management software (DMS )that includes all the tools an organization needs to safely capture, manage, store, and share documents over the Internet. It is web based system written in PHP and uses MYSQL as the

Metis Project Management Module  v.0.1.1

Metis is an open source project management module developed in PHP using MySQL for a database backend. Metis features a simple installation and configuration and is designed with simplicity and ease of use as the primary

MyWMS: Warehouse Management System  v.1.0

myWMS LOS is a professional open source Warehouse Management System WMS, GPL. It is running in industrial 24/7 environments and supports all basic processes. It runs on mobile terminals, works with Barcodes & RFID. The software is a JEE

Shoutcast Control Panel  v.alpha.0.0.1

The Shoutcast Control Panel is a project designed to create and control Shoutcast servers via mysql, php and apache. I have started this project because of the lack of open source control panels with useful

VistA-Edge Practice Management System  v.1.0

This is an Open Source Practice Management System (PMS) integrated with VistA, the electronic health record and health information system originally developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

ShabaCAT Network Management System  v.1.0

A web-based traffic accounting, monitoring and control management system enriched with AJAX. The project focuses on easy configuration setup and high level of system administration abstraction.

CTTIME (Corporate Time Management)  v.1.0

CTTIME (Corporate Time Management) is an open-source Time Management and Project Management System.It is written in PHP/MySQL.

Andutteye  v.3.1.1

Andutteye is an open source systems management platform that automates enterprise data centers and keeps them running. With Andutteye you can control your Linux and Unix system from a central point of

Quotero  v.2.0

Quotero is an open source Document Management System (DMS) developed in java. It provides basic document management features and advanced collaborative features such as version control, comments, workflow,

SharpForge - C# / SourceForge / Svn  v.1.0

SharpForge supports collaborative development and management of multiple software projects. Similar to SourceForge but for your own team or organisation. The software is written in C# for .NET 2.0 it uses Subversion for source control and is released

Libravi  v.1.0

An Open Source Library Management System in Java (J2SE 1.6) with Hibernate and Spring. Will start off with acquisitions, cataloging,serial control and patron access. LION and support for standards (MARC,ect) will be addressed from the beginning.

Abelo  v.1.0

Abelo is a free (open source) web management system for retail administration of enterprises. It's possible to manage customers, workers, products and suppliers, make supply control, works like point of sale, beyond financial enterprise management.

Nick's Python Tool Chest  v.0.1.0

Nxpy is a Python library that combines general purpose features with a set of tools more geared towards build automation and source code management. It provides convenient ways to invoke and control interactive and non-interactive commands, context ...

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